Diabetes Supervision

The diabetes disease has been a long and constant malady problem from generation to generation especially to the older and aged people. It is the increase of a person's blood sugar because of the food that you consume. There are two types of diabetes present today. If you have diabetes 1, it means that your body does not make enough insulin or not making insulin at all due to your immune system. If you are diagnosed with diabetes 2, it signifies that your body does not utilize your insulin well and this is known to be the most common type of diabetes. The purpose of insulin in your body is to regulate the amount of glucose (or sugar) in your blood. Without this or lack of this can cause a disease that we call now as diabetes or diabetes mellitus. Here's a good read about  diabetes blood test, check it out! 

Having diabetes affects almost every part of your body. Without controlling this illness can cause you serious problems and body issues or worse, your life. It can disturb the functions in your organs like your kidney, nerves, feet, and you can even lose your eye sight if you have this sickness and not treated properly. Also, this condition can put you at a great risk for heart disease and joint disorders. If your disease has already spread and is very serious, you may be advised to cut down parts of your limbs to prevent further damage to your body. Another disadvantage of diabetes is that it does not choose its victim. Even pregnant women can experience diabetes called gestational diabetes. It is very harmful to your baby if you have diabetes in your first week of pregnancy. Usually, it can be eliminated when you have already delivered your baby but your child is in risk of obesity or having diabetes 2. To gather more awesome ideas on  blood glucose test, click here to get started. 

Some signs if you have diabetes is constant hunger and thirst, frequent urination, cuts and bruises that heal very slowly or does not heal at all, unusual weight gain and weight loss, fatigue and numbness of your hands and feet. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you need to go to your doctor immediately. You are advised to proceed with a blood sugar test in a blood glucose monitor. Controlling your blood sugar level is very difficult. A patient is recommended to schedule food intake and dieting, some medications like insulin intake to increase insulin in your body and exercise. Kindly visit this website  https://www.britannica.com/science/diabetes for more useful reference.